Our ambition : a company at the forefront of innovation

After more than 70 years of existence, we are seeing the industry evolve, and we have more than ever the desire and the spirit to build the skills of tomorrow.

For this, we adopt a clear roadmap, in a pragmatic approach, to prepare the future in an environment of trust with our customers, suppliers and partners.
We want to make our family business a model, at the heart of an organization closer to our customers, closer to the field, and always at the forefront of innovation.

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The factory of the future

Since 2018, RMG Industrie has moved into a new building, custom built to accommodate a smart factory, optimized, able to accommodate the latest technical innovations and federate all intelligences.

A multi-axis strategy

For 3 generations, we have been sustaining the business through family transfer and we are deploying a clear strategy to ensure its development, growth and profitability and to guarantee its sustainability.

Every year, RMG Industrie devotes nearly 10% of its turnover to investment: new 8-axis CNC lathes, 3D machining center (additive manufacturing), robotic washing center, fully digitalized production management, quality control by camera ... Our employees work on state-of-the-art equipment that is constantly renewed and undergo continuous training throughout the year.

Structured and multilingual, RMG Industrie's business development division is active on all five continents.

Key figures

  • 3000 m2 of factory
  • 10% annual investment
  • 5 million pieces produced per year
  • 200 hours of annual training
  • 91% waste recycling
  • 6 days out of 7 in production 3-8
  • 8 axes / CNC lathes